Watch Now: Streamline Your BSC for Maximum Results

In this free webinar, originally recorded on October 17, 2018, ESM strategy experts Mario Bognanno, Ryan Englund, and Randy Russell will discuss an updated and streamlined Balanced Scorecard approach.

You will learn: 

  • Techniques for key performance indicator (KPI) development and selection
  • A simplified approach for scorecard alighment
  • Implementation strategies for sustainable results.

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About The Hosts


Mario Bognanno

With over 20 years of consulting experience, Mario Bognanno specializes in helping leaders execute strategy though the development of Balanced Scorecards. Demonstrating the flexibility in his teaching skills as well as the Balanced Scorecard itself, Mr. Bognanno trains a wide range of organizations on the BSC, spanning across the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.


Ryan Englund headshot.jpg

Ryan Englund

Mr. Englund began his career with the prestigious consulting firm of Bain & Co. after graduating from the Harvard Graduate School of Business.  His decades of experience include consulting for recognizable clients in the Fortune 500 such as Mobil Oil, Proctor & Gamble, Sears, and Caterpillar.  He has deep experience in improvement processes such as Work-Out, Lean, and Six Sigma.


                                  Randy Russell

Randy Russell.jpg

Randall H. Russell has worked with Drs. Kaplan and Norton over 15 years in various roles including: research director, group consulting, executive education, and publishing.  He was founding editor of the Balanced Scorecard Report (published by Harvard Business Publishing) and managed the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame program that includes over 200 organizations.  He continues to consult with client organizations and do research on the topic of strategy success.