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We know strategy. ESM Software helps organizations design and execute strategy plans with Balanced Scorecard consulting. Our tools are designed to provide you with the support necessary to understand and develop business strategy.

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Improve communication, drive alignment, and increase your bottom line with our all-in-one business strategy platform.

Trusted by strategic partners in the healthcare, government, and private sectors.
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Improve communication, drive alignment, and increase your bottom line with our all-in-one business strategy platform.

    Design your strategy.
    Formulate your strategy and build your Balanced Scorecard completely free.

    Design and report on your strategy.
    Streamline strategy management - monitor Objective, KPI, and initiative performance.

    Align employee performance.
    Save time by making employee reviews easy and connected.

Align your organization

Balanced Scorecard software to help your team spend more time making better decisions, and less time creating spreadsheets and slide decks.

Link strategic planning, employee performance, and project management in one integrated tool.

Close the gap between planning and execution with ESM business strategy software.

All-in-One Strategic Planning Software for your whole team.

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    Balanced Scorecards

    Create, track, and adapt Balanced Scorecards with objectives, measures, and initiatives.
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    Strategy Maps

    Create stunning strategy maps which automatically display ownership, definitions, and the current performance with customizable status colors.
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    Strategy Formulation

    ESM helps you devise your plan through SWOT Analysis, PESTEL Analysis, Porter's 5 Forces, Change Agendas, and more.
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    KPI Tracking

    It's easier than ever to track the status of key performance indicators with ESM's online datasheets and customizable charting engine.

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    Employee Reviews

    Connect employee goals to organizational objectives to align to a central plan, then regularly review performance.
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    Generate meeting-ready reports in Excel, PDF, PPT, and Excel. Customize each report for their target audience.
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    Email Notifications

    Send and receive email reminders when updates are required. And if items are off-target, automatically receive email notifications to let your team know.
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    There's no need to hunt down source data with ESM's Open Web Services that can link to any of your existing data warehouses.

How can Balanced Scorecard software help you?

With ESM, save time by automating your Balanced Scorecard, streamlining your planning process, and eliminating version control problems.
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  • Analytics
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    Project Management
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  • Analytics
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  • Project Management

Ian Boyd

- IQNavigator
"ESM is seamlessly integrated into our business. Being able to have all people understand what the strategy is and how they connect to it is something that has been enormously valuable to IQN."

William Fahey

- Bexar County IT

"I have used several other platforms and the ESM+Strategy software far exceeds these offerings."

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