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Achieve Superior Results with ESM

In the aftermath of 9/11, the FBI defined “strategic shifts” and aligned divisions and offices across the organization. Thanks to communication campaigns and a new approach to tracking performance using the BSC, key strategic initiatives delivered as promised.

Discover how your organization can realize groundbreaking results too!

Strategy Best Practices in Government

The Balanced Scorecard & The Strategy Focused Government Organization

Discover how to achieve superior results.  This free ebook highlights stories from U.S. Army and Ministry of Works, Bahrain.

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Government Strategy Map Templates

screenshot +Strategy - Strategy Map-1ESM's government strategy map templates offer best-practice designs to help your organization translate vision into tangible strategic objectives. 

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Objective Measure Library

blueprint.minAccess hundreds of best practice government specific objectives and measures. Start building your scorecard today!

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See how we help government entities of all types and sizes 

Put all your key performance indicators in one tool. ESM integrates with your local systems to streamline data collection, eliminate headaches, and drive results.

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Discover why ESM is your one-stop shop for strategy execution

From our intuitive BSC software and organizational alignment tools to embedded best practice support, let ESM's 20+ years of experience from the experts guide your organization to achieve its strategic goals!

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Enterprise Strategy

Business strategies need to come from the top down. Create a single organizational vision with your enterprise level Balanced Scorecard.

Organizational Alignment

Cascade Scorecards

Align organizational units to the enterprise plan. Improve your tracking with sophisticated cross-scorecard KPIs and analytics.

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Employee Alignment

Tie personal goals to enterprise/cascaded scorecards so everyone understands how their role impacts the strategy.


Need a little help to get started with your Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps?

Jumpstart your strategic planning process with 20 editable strategy map templates

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ESM's integrated suite of strategy, risk and business performance products was built to drive results for government entities,

....wherever you are in your strategy journey.

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"I have used several other platforms and the ESM+Strategy software far exceeds these offerings."
Govt - Bexar County
William Fahey
Deputy Chief Information Officer
"ESM's intuitive, easy to use interface allows organizations to spend more time making critical decisions and less time on the process."
Govt - Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Robin Champ
Chief Strategist
"We are delighted with the ESM and appreciate the responsiveness of the support the team has provided."
Govt - New Zealand Defense Force
Bruce Peddie
Deputy Director Performance and Reporting
"We use the ESM as a strategy management system for reporting and initiative management. 21 ESM scorecard licsenses are used today, with hundreds of users, driving knowledge sharing, healthy communication, and execution of strategy."
Govt - Bahrain Ministry of Works
Ministry of Works
Strategy Office
"DLA has now been using the BSC for over thirteen years, using a framework that is built into the 5-year business planning process. ESM has facilitated alignment across the agency, supporting over 35 divisions, and has over 150 people managing strategic information using ESM."
Govt - Defense Logistics Agency
Defense Logistics Agency
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Additional Resources

Our experts have plenty of real-world stories to tell. We've put together a comprehensive library of valuable resources covering strategy, execution, leadership, performance management, risk, cybersecurity, KPIs and more. 

We want to add value, so please take a look and feel free to download what you think would be helpful.