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ESM Cybersecurity

Because Protecting your Business requires
more than a checklist

Cybersecurity Strategy


Plan of Action (POA&M)

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Solutions Built for Organizations that are
Serious About Cybersecurity

Why Does Cybersecurity Matter So Much?

A weak cybersecurity posture and non-compliance have real dollar costs.
Kicked off contracts that you already won

Kicked off contracts
that you already won.

Lost Bids for new business

Lost Bids
for new business.

Fines & penalties due to breaches.

Fines & penalties
due to breaches.

Time, $ to Rebuild your Tarnished Reputation.

Time, $ to Rebuild your
Tarnished Reputation.

Pursuing a strategy based
Cybersecurity program can be painful.


 Cybersecurity Frameworks can be overwhelming, leaving a typical company asking, “Where do I even start?”

Are you manually collecting compliance data using spreadsheets and email?

Do you struggle with managing countless versions of spreadsheets, word documents, policies and procedures on the “shared drive”?

You’re not alone. For most, this process is tedious, time consuming and error prone.


Are you working around the clock to create that last minute “board ready” Powerpoint deck to communicate your cyber strategy, a plan of action (POA&M) and ongoing results with the executive team?

ESM exists to help you manage and execute your
cybersecurity strategy.

Gain control with ESM Cybersecurity

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and exhausting slide deck creation. With ESM, your strategic and compliance standing are tracked in one integrated solution.

  • Formulate and create your compliance-based strategy.
  • Rapidly operationalize your Cybersecurity Program.
  • Standardize your Cybersecurity Processes.
  • Close the Gaps between Current State and Target State.
  • Communicate Results with Key Stakeholders (internal/external).
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One-stop shop for your Cybersecurity Program


From our inituitive BSC software and organizational alignment tools to embedded best practice support, let ESM's 20+ years of experience from the experts guide your organization to achieve its cybersecurity goals!

Ready to see ESM Cybersecurity in action?

Get in touch and we’ll show you how it works.
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ESM Cybersecurity:


Get control of your Cyber program

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Understand your compliance status based on NIST centered or other cybersecurity frameworks.


Cybersecurity Roadmap

Establish a roadmap and POAM to help close the gaps in your current compliance.


Project/Task Prioritization

Prioritize your initiatives based on risk tolerance, business objectives and budget. Then assign to key stakeholders to execute.


Advanced Data Handling

Seamlessly incorporate data from spreadsheets or from other systems.


Self Assessment Questionnaires

Use NIST guidance questions, leverage your Auditors assessment or create your own questions based on your unique business requirements.


POA&M Generator (Coming Soon!)

Generate and share your POA&M with initiatives, dates, and budget right out of the system.


Dashboards & Reports

Answer key business questions using canned reports or generate custom reports and dashboards on the fly.


Governance Calendar

Track initiatives, tasks and milestones on a centralized shared calendar.


Budget Tracking

Track budget, forecast and actual spend across strategic initiatives.


Alerts & Notifications

Notify users when information requires updates, deadlines are approaching and when metrics are out of tolerance.


Knowledge Management

Store critical information in a centralized repository: Security Plans, Policies and Procedures, Budgets and Forecasts, Operational Reports, Other Evidence


Choose your Framework or Customize Your Own.

Use NIST, ISO, CMMC frameworks or other popular frameworks to track your ongoing compliance and cybersecurity posture.

Why ESM Cybersecurity?

  • 20 Years of Success

    20 Years of Success implementing strategic solutions.
  • World Class Customers

    World Class Customers in government, finance, healthcare, insurance, education across the globe rely on our ESM +Strategy platform to execute their strategy and drive results.
  • Flexible Solutions

    Our Cloud-based Solution is rapidly implemented and tailored to your specific needs. Or, ask about our on-premise solutions if that’s a better fit for you.
  • Cybersecurity Frameworks built-in

    NIST Cybersecurity Framework, NIST 800-171, NIST Privacy Framework, NIST 800-53. DOD Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

"ESM Cybersecurity provides a data-driven view of our cybersecurity compliance posture giving me confidence knowing that we have both a solid cybersecurity strategy and repeatable, efficient approach to ongoing compliance."

Geoff Pierce

Chief Information Security Officer

"ESM's intuitive, easy to use interface allows organizations to spend more time making critical decisions and less time on the process."

Robin Wales

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

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Reduce Risk, Align Your Organization, and Improve Your Security Posture with ESM Cybersecurity Software

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