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About Us

Executive Strategy Manager® 

We know strategy

We help teams design and execute their strategic plans through Balanced Scorecard software and consulting.

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We care about making strategy work for you

Since ESM's initial launch in 2001, we have dedicated ourselves to providing organizations with the software and services to better understand and manage business strategy. Whether you are creating your first five year strategic plan, or are a Balanced Scorecard expert, our tools and services will help you outline and realize your vision.

Business Strategy Software

Design, track, and adapt Balanced Scorecards.

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Performance Review Software

Easily measure employee performance.

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Strategic Planning Services

Create a strategy map and Balanced Scorecard in 8 weeks.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

VPF.jpgJulie Warner

VP of Finance

DSE.jpgMike Purrington

Director of Software Engineering

DIT.jpgLenny Sanchez

Director of Operations

Our Company Story

Told by Kent Smack, CEO of ESM Software

I was fortunate in that I found my dream job right at the beginning of my career, working for Kaplan & Norton’s new start up, called Balanced Scorecard Collaborative in 2000.  As a consultant, I had the opportunity to advise and train leadership teams around the world on strategy. 

We quickly realized we were leaving these organizations with great plans but without the tools needed to communicate, report and really execute the strategy. 

That’s when we began developing software that supported organizations during both the strategy formulation and the strategy reporting phases.  We beta tested the software with our first client in late 2000 and shortly thereafter, began our regular release cycle of Executive Strategy Manager®, or ESM® for short.  Since our launch 17 years ago, over 120,000 users have benefited from our system.

Our core focus is an easy to use system that enables you to start really simple, meeting you at your stage in the strategy process, yet, offers the sophistication of a mature strategy management system for those organizations who run strategy review meetings in all areas of their business.

We pride ourselves as the original SaaS strategy application, one that is built from the mindset of end users and business process consultants.   While we are all expert strategy facilitators, we still have a lot to learn.  We invite you to experience our software applications and share with us what you think.  We’d love to be your partner in your strategy execution journey.

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