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Employee Review Software

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Workflow-driven reviews to save time

We make reviews easier for employees, managers, and HR.

Get everyone on the same page by linking employee goals to organizational objectives.

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All-in-One Employee Review Software

Employee Reviews

Connect employee goals to organizational objectives to align to a central plan, then regularly review performance.

Customizable Workflows

Design the exact process for employees and managers to follow during reviews.


Ensure employees understand the context of their role in the larger strategy with linkages to strategic objectives and measures.

Personal Balanced Scorecards

Create, track, and adapt Personal Balanced Scorecards with objectives, measures, and initiatives.

Goal and Measure Libraries

Share goals, measures, and definitions across teams by building out your own customizable libraries of content.


In addition to formal reviews, ESM Touchpoints provide easy note-taking for ongoing informal conversations.


Generate meeting-ready reports in Excel, PDF, PPT, and Excel. Customize each report for their target audience.


Gain insight into your employee reviews with central dashboards to understand how different individuals are performing.

KPI Tracking

It's easier than ever to track the status of key performance indicators with ESM's online datasheets customizable charting engine.

Email Notifications/Reminders

Send and receive email reminders when reviews are due to keep everyone up to date.


As employees work on goals aligned to the organizational strategy, you can see how their collective efforts are helping drive big-picture results.

Integration with Strategy

Data flows directly from employee reviews to our organizational performance management tool, ESM+Strategy.


"ESM is seamlessly integrated into our business. Being able to have all people understand what the strategy is and how they connect to it is something that has been enormously valuable to IQN."

Ian Boyd, IQNavigator


"The most intuitive tool for the BSC. The navigation of ESM is so easy that I was able to learn the tool within one week before having to train many managers at UAMS."

Mario Wallace, University of Arkansas for Medical Science

How can Balanced Scorecard software help you?

With ESM, save time by automating your Balanced Scorecard, streamlining your planning process, and eliminating version control problems. 

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