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Improve your strategic planning with Balanced Scorecards, integrated KPIs, and strategic initiatives all in one place.

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Where strategy meets execution

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and exhausting slide deck creation.  With ESM, your strategic plan is tracked in one integrated solution.  

Track Objectives, KPIs, and strategic initiatives
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Bring strategy to life

We help improve strategic planning in three simple steps.

Execute strategy without spreadsheets and slides

We make strategy execution automatic. Automatic udpate reminders, data pulls, status colors, and email integration help you spend more time on big picture decision making.

Collect and analyze strategic data in one place

Put all of your different planning files and data in one place. You can wave version control problems goodbye.

Save time with instant exports

Generate your meeting report in seconds with ESM exports in PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Simple navigation. Powerful analytics.

Whether your are new to strategic planning or you're a seasoned vet, ESM scales to your needs with flexible strategy maps, Balanced Scorecards, initiative prioritization, and custom reports.

Dynamic strategy maps
Dynamic strategy maps improve strategic communication
Balanced Scorecard Alignment
Drive alignment across multiple business units/departments and Balanced Scorecards
ESM Objective Page
Track progress against strategic Objectives, Measures (KPIs), and Initiatives
ESM Governance Calendar
Save time by automating your governance process with data imports from other systems, email reminders for updaters, and mail app integration.

Get everyone on the same page.

Start with a single business strategy in ESM+Strategy, then create cascaded scorecards across your organization to foster organizational alignment. With ESM+Perform, tie employee goal plans and reviews to organizational strategy.

Enterprise Business Strategy Software

Enterprise Strategy

Business strategies need to come from the top down. Create a single organizational vision with your enterprise level Balanced Scorecard.
Cascade Scorecards

Cascade Scorecards

Align organizational units to the enterprise plan. Improve your tracking with sophisticated cross-scorecard KPIs and analytics..

Employee Alignment

Employee Alignment

Tie personal goals to enterprise/cascaded scorecards so everyone understands how their role impacts the strategy.

Learn More about Performance Reviews in ESM 

Put all your key performance indicators in one tool.  ESM+Strategy integrates with your local systems to streamline data collection and eliminate headaches.

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A good strategy shouldn't be hidden away behind closed doors. Business planning requires transparency, and you need a system that allows every part of your organization to see and adopt the strategy.

So say "hello" to scorecard software with unlimited user pricing models.


Balanced Scorecard Designer

Create objectives, measures, and strategic initiatives

SWOT, PESTEL, Porter's 5 Forces, and Change Agendas

Excel Exports

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" ESM's alignment with the strategy map and balanced scorecard approach, paired with dynamic reporting tools and meeting management functionality make strategy execution much easier. "

Ian Boyd, IQNavigator

Looking for a template for your Balanced Scorecard reports? Save time with ESM's Excel-ready templates.

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