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Business strategy consulting to own the planning process

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ESM FastTrack®

We combine strategic planning coaching with industry-leading ESM software to help you establish a sustainable strategy management system.

Six Week Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Planning Process

Whether you struggle with accountability, unclear priorities, or a lack of alignment, ESM can help. Through a series of structured workshops and focused assignments, we engage your leadership team to develop a comprehensive approach to monitoring and adapting strategy. In just six to eight weeks, you will develop a Strategy Map, objective statements, key performance indicators, initiatives, and first report documents.

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Key Deliverables

Strategy Map

The strategy map is the title page of your strategy.  It provides the entire organization an illustration of your strategic vision, and how you'll get there. This will be the foundation of your Balanced Scorecard.

Balanced Scorecard

A Balanced Scorecard translates the organizational vision into strategic objectives, measures, and initiatives. ESM workshops with your team to create a sustainable BSC that you will own and execute over 3-5 years.

ESM Software

Licenses for ESM+Strategy, our business strategy automation platform, are part of all engagements to ensure that you have the tools to actively monitor and adapt your plan.

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Just getting started with Balanced Scorecards? Check out our free report samples.

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ESM Blueprint Templates ®

ESM Balanced Scorecard Templates

Start your Balanced Scorecard with the best templates

Designing your Scorecard from scratch is time consuming. ESM Blueprint provides you with best practice sample Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps for your industry. With ESM Balanced Scorecard templates, you're guaranteed to get the most our of your BSC implementation.  

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