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The only strategic planning software developed and endorsed by the creators of the Balanced Scorecard, Doctors Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton 

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Achieve Superior Results with the Balanced Scorecard

Christus Health, a not-for-profit Catholic international healthcare system, implemented the Balanced Scorecard in 2011. In just 3 years, Christus increased revenue by 38.2%, grew their Philanthropy programme by 47%, and saw significant improvements in patient safety metrics. Discover how your organization can realize groundbreaking results too!

Healthcare Best Practices

ESM +Strategy Healthcare Best Practice Guide

Healthcare systems require complex strategies. ESM's free whitepaper provides best practices for healthcare.

Healthcare Strategy Maps

Balanced Scorecard software can dynamically display strategy maps with live data

ESM's healthcare strategy map templates offer best-practice designs to help your  organization translate vision into tangible strategic objectives.

Objective Measure Library

Balanced Scorecard software objective measure library

Access hundreds of best practice healthcare specific objectives and measures. Start building your scorecard today!

Discover why ESM is your one-stop shop for strategy execution

From our inituitive BSC software and organizational alignment tools to embedded best practice support, let ESM's 25+ years of experience from the experts guide your healthcare organization to achieve its strategic goals!

Enterprise Business Strategy Software

Enterprise Strategy

Healthcare strategies start at the top. Create a single organizational vision with your enterprise level Balanced Scorecard.
Cascade Scorecards

Employee Alignment

Tie personal goals to enterprise/cascaded scorecards so everyone understands how their role impacts the strategy. 

Employee Alignment

  Healthcare Blog     

Discover tips and tricks, stories from the field, and best practices for Balance Scorecard implementation in healthcare.


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Put all your key performance indicators in one tool.  ESM+Strategy integrates with your local systems to streamline data collection and eliminate headaches.

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A good strategy shouldn't be hidden away behind closed doors. Business planning requires transparency, and you need a system that allows every part of your organization to see and adopt the strategy.

So say "hello" to scorecard software with unlimited user pricing models.


Balanced Scorecard Designer

Create objectives, measures, and strategic initiatives

SWOT, PESTEL, Porter's 5 Forces, and Change Agendas

Excel Exports

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"Whenever there is anything that comes up, whether I need an answer, or assistance or guidance, the team follows up immediately.  Everyone is knowledgeable, never is the ball dropped."

Kim Jameson
Mayo Clinic


"The navigation of ESM is so easy that I was able to learn the tool within one week before having to train many managers at UAMS."

Mario Wallace
University of Arkansas
For Medical Services


"Since 2008, DML has strategically aligned its functional units by integrating all their processes around ESM. The ESM team supported DML's adoption of the BSC framework through onsite training around both the methodology and implementation of the ESM."

Mike Markovic
Defence Medical Logistics